How to start a WordPress blog and make money with google Adsense in 2017

Published / by Willie Rice

Google adense program remain a great money making channel for WordPress blog owners in 2017.

You might want to jump on that and the good news its not too late to do in 2017!

Here is a short and effective guide to how you can start a WordPress blog and make a nice living from placing the adsense Ad code between your blog posts.

First of all – you need to register a domain name!

Go over to godaddy and pick a name for yourself – consider the niche you are in and find something brandable and cool , check out this domain name guide if you lack a good idea.

Get WordPress Hosting

once you have your domain name, you need a good wordpress hosting plan! depending on you budget, you don’t want to get overly hosting plan that might slow down your website speed and cause your visitors to have a negative experience. you can check out this guide for the best hosting online of 2017 and you if you want a more WordPress hosting specific services you can take a look in this list.

Get a WordPress Adsense optimize theme

Once you have your domain name and hosting plan all placed out – you need to start designing your site. luckily this days there are plenty of Adsense optimized wordpress themes that will make your life easier as they are already planned out to give the best results when using adsense, you can check out this list of 16 Best WordPress Themes To Make Money With Google AdSense in 2017. make sure that before you place the Adsense code on your site you read carefully the adsense program policy . you don’t want to make money with your site only to find out google had shut down your Adsense account because you failed to follow their guidelines.

wordpress theme adsense

Start writing great content

you got your domain name, your hosting plan , and your wordpress optimize adsense theme.

now what?

well not the fun part starts! its time to fill up your site with great and engaging content that will bring visitors to your site

not sure where to being? check out this great guide on How to Write an Awesome Blog Post in 5 Steps and start your blogging career on the right step.

too many blog owners are are making big mistakes when they just start writing so make sure you are doing your proper research and providing your readers a great experience.

If you built it they will come? optimize your content

So its all set up , your blog is alive, the content is there, but you getting no visitors.

Make sure your content is SEO optimize correctly so google will understand your content and will place it on the first pages of the google search results.

check out this guide for tips for better SEO WordPress blog from

WordPress is the favorite platform for copyright abuse?

Published / by Willie Rice

While WordPress is being used by thousands upon thousands of legitimate websites – it seems it also become a favorite with websites who abuse copyrights.

WordPress recently published new date on the number of piracy takedown the company gets.

its worth to note that about less then half of them were rejected by WordPress.

In a recent article – Google Gets More Takedown Requests Than WordPress Itself at – they came up with some interesting info regarding the amount of take down requests google itself is gettng regarding copyright abuse by WP websites holders.

Here some insights from the article:

Over the past 12 months, copyright holders asked Google to remove over 13,100 URLs, while Automattic received less than 10,000 last year. In other words, copyright holders are more keen to remove the search engine results than the actual content, which is not very logical.

TorrentFreak contacted Steve from Automattic, who says that the numbers suggest that rightsholders prefer to go through Google because this is the easier path.

“Those numbers aren’t entirely surprising for a few reasons. When looking to limit access to material online, complainants will naturally look for the path of least resistance,” Steve says.

“Since we manually scrutinize every single DMCA takedown notice that we receive for formal validity and fair use considerations, removal is not guaranteed, and we reject about 40% of all notices for being deficient in some way,” he adds.

The Google takedown process is highly automated which makes it relatively easy for copyright holders to target a high volume of URLs, including those of

The online world is a place where copyrights are being abused on a daily basis as its simply too easy and sometime very rewarding to do so. and the fact that WordPress is a popular platform to do so can’t really be a surprise to no one.

We will keep track on this issue and will update accordingly.


Daily pick: Two Cool Magazine WordPress Themes

Published / by Willie Rice

Are you searching for best WordPress theme magazine for your site? Magazine WordPress theme is an ideal for rich content websites like news, online magazines or community blogs. Magazine WP theme is what you need to show off all your content in just one screen.

And at the same time, to make your content look enticing enough and attractive in generating the click. It may be hard for you to select the quality magazine WordPress theme. So, make it easier for you to find the best one, here are the best two magazine themes that you can choose from.

  • Daily Post

This is the cutting-edge magazine WordPress theme with many great content features. Daily post magazine comes with many grid base layouts for homepage and layouts for more featured stories. This is an ideal magazine WordPress theme for your news website because it comes with weather widget, news submission forms, and breaking news tickers.

Daily Post magazine theme features main navigation on the header and slide panel in the right. Other features of this magazine include, Visual Composer, friendly print pages, social media integrations, shortcodes, infinite scroll, sticky posts sidebar, and easy WordPress theme setup.

  • Magaziner

This is a very powerful magazine WordPress theme as it has amazing features. this theme comes with more that forty layout options, featured content sliders, layout builder, sliding menu, mega menu, related posts, social sharing, and more. It has 6 color schemes that you can choose from, several options for icon fonts, short codes, sidebars, and custom widgets.

What to put your eye on when buying a premium WordPress Theme

Published / by Willie Rice

I remember the days when buying a WordPress theme was a much simpler process. there were not too many premium themes so buying one was a simple decision.

This days there are thousands upon thousands of premium themes, all competing on your attention, this can leave us sometime confuse on which theme is most suited for website.

The time I spend on looking and browsing different premium WP themes is probably way too much.

Wouldn’t it be more easy if you had a check list to scan all themes to know which one is tight for you? In their latest article had come up with a check list of “10 Features to Look for in a Premium WordPress Theme”, here are some highlights from this excellent post:

1. A Good Feature Set
Does your chosen theme have all the features you need now and into the near future? Perhaps you only need a gallery today but do you have a persistent nagging worry your client or boss will eventually ask for a fully-featured shopping cart? Can you add a portfolio or pricing table? Are you able switch designs on a single page or throughout the site?

2. Without Stuff You Don’t Need?
Some themes include every widget the author could find. This may not be a problem if they add value and remain disabled until required. What you don’t want is 57 free snippets discovered on in 2006 which use different libraries and appear on every page regardless of whether you use them or not. It will degrade the user’s experience and prevent a…

3. Solid Performance
By the end of 2016, average page weight reached almost 2.5MB. WordPress must take some responsibility for this excessive bloat! Too many themes contain bandwidth-hogging payloads, unoptimized images and futile widgets which make your site slow and costly to view on a mobile network connection. A responsive design does not necessarily equate to a responsive experience.

Those first 3 are real time savers, having to scan around so many themes on places like can be very tome consuming if you don’t know what exactly you looking for in your WordPress theme. few times I had bought a theme only to discover later it doesn’t actually have things I need, like a pricing table or a portfolio page.

Sure those can be added via plugins but isn’t the reason we pay for a premium theme is to avoid using too many plugins and have the functions we need build in inside the theme we paid for?

Read more at – 10 Features to Look for in a Premium WordPress Theme — SitePoint


The Basic Free Basic WordPress Themes overview

Published / by Willie Rice


WordPress usually comes with three themes: the default one being Twenty Fifteen Theme which is spotless, blog-centered, and intended for lucidity.It has clear typography, it’s readable on a wide assortment of screen sizes, and it is appropriate for various languages.

It was designed utilizing a mobile approach, which means content becomes the dominant focal point, paying little respect to whether the site is gotten to by cell phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop PC.

Twenty Fourteen Theme is the default Theme for WordPress in 2014. It’s a magazine subject that gives you a chance to show your substance in a magazine design. It takes insignificant setup, however there are a couple ways that you can alter Twenty Fourteen, all from WordPress’ Theme Customizer.

Twenty Thirteen Theme for WordPress takes us back to the blog, including a full scope of post organizations, each showed perfectly in their own exceptional way. Configuration subtle elements flourish, beginning with an energetic shading plan and coordinating header pictures, wonderful typography and symbols, and an adaptable format that looks awesome on any gadget, enormous or little.

You can switch between Themes utilizing the Appearance administrator board. Topics that you add to the subject index will show up in the Administration Screen > Appearance > Themes as extra choices.